Our mission

365 Days on the Road
193 Countries Around the World
More than 10,000 encounters

To visit all the sovereign countries all over the world and bring together thousands of people to create the largest book on happiness and the meaning of life in contemporary history.

To give everyone you meet, regardless of their social standing, color of their skin, nationality or religion, a chance to make their own contribution to the cultural heritage of future generations, and leave their mark in history.

To create and publish a book written by thousands of people from every corner of the world.

Each person’s life is a journey that always begins and ends in other people’s hands.
The rest of the time is given to us to complete our unique journey with
dignity, discover uncharted paths, and meet reliable friends along the way.

During my short life journey I met a huge number of people.

Wealthy and experienced businessmen, talented artists, musicians and writers, opinion leaders and clerics, successful athletes, politicians and scientists.

As well as those people who do not have relatives, live beyond poverty, have limited physical abilities or struggling with a deadly disease.

Most of them will never be able to see the world and enjoy the benefits which are available to the wealthy and healthy part of the world's population for understandable reasons.

They fight selflessly for their lives and find happiness in every day they live, despite the lack of livelihood, unbearable living conditions and outright contempt on the part of those who consider them undesirable elements.

Meeting such people, I was often surprised by their willpower, ability to enjoy life and be happy, finding happiness in the usual little things.
Their values and ideas of happiness struck with the simplicity and forced to reflect on what really represents true value of life.

Having visited more than 120 countries around the world, I saw a different reality and understood that it is impossible to assess fairly the scale of current problems when you watch news or films about the plight of others and feel sorry for them from a distance.

My views on life have changed radically, issues of personal well-being, own needs have taken a secondary place.
I have stopped turning a blind eye to the problems of people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, and I try, to the best of my ability, to provide assistance and support to those whom I meet on my way of life.

Anyone has the right to be heard and can leave a mark in history!

Modern human has unique opportunities, like using the Internet, developing, openly expressing their position unlike most people on the planet who have never been in the global network and do not have such an opportunity today.

The problem of lack of prospects for building social communication with those who are in need and bear the heavy burden of uncertainty, made me look for new ways of interacting.

So the idea of the project "Mission 365" arose - to give thousands of people around the world the opportunity to share with the world community their unique view on happiness and the meaning of life and leave a mark in history.

The concept of "Mission365" involves visiting all sovereign countries of the world within one calendar year and uniting more than ten thousand people.

The project is scheduled to start in summer 2019.

Everyone I meet on my way will be able to share their special opinion and become a co-author of the future book, leaving a note in the diaries of “Mission365”.

Upon completion of the project, all entries from Mission365 diaries will form the basis for the creation of the book, which will be published in open access in eight languages.

I believe that the future book will allow many to leave behind a good memory and will bring tangible benefits to society, change someone's life for the better and make our world a little kinder and happier.